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About us


Welcome to Kishalaya Nursery And K G School where we provide a conducive and serene learning environment in Kolkata for your child. With our outstanding facility, our setup is just a home away from home. We guarantee a fun-filled and positive day for your child. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, get in touch through our booking form.

Activities we offer

We offer a variety of fun, educational activities that will keep your children occupied. These include activities designed to encourage physical and social development, so children are able to mingle and play with other children their age while staying active during the day. We also encourage creative activities and allow our charges to paint, play music and be creative.

Our Qualified Childcare Providers

Not only do our staff members have years of experience in the childcare industry, they also come from different backgrounds, ensuring that they can connect with children from all walks of life. All of our staff members are passionate and dedicated to their duties; they go the extra mile to ensure that every child improves daily by encouraging them to participate in a variety of activities. They are always ready to learn new things and improve their techniques. Above all, they are fun to be with.

From The Principal’s Desk

“A school is a building surrounded by four walls with the future inside”

A school plays a greater role in changing the society and its people in the sphere of academic, social, economic, mental and physical development.

Kishalaya Nursery & K.G. School, Madhyamgram is established for more than 40 years and holds a high reputation on delivering quality education. I advice all our students to see that what you give to the school is worth giving and give your best at all times.

Let our students grow as world class citizens—a generation of eminent thinkers and wise planners contributing to make a better world. That exactly is our wish: and that exactly is our dream.


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